International Membership Organizations

One of our traditions of service is "Always Available".  We truly mean this and is one of the reasons we are successful in management of international organizations and their programs.  This includes financial management and the nuances of doing business in an international location.

The volunteer leadership of our international clients are located all over the globe, in over 40 countries. Responsiveness to member and non-member needs as well as an understanding of local language and culture is key to the growth of organizations. With the strong use of technology, communication and making information available to all participants in a transparent manner, we will succeed for your organization.

International Meetings and Congresses

Many firms "sell fear" as it relates to international programs. We sell management of your bottom-line and attention to detail. With a central headquarters staff that manages all aspects of your program year after year, we learn all aspects of your programs and the needs of your members.  Onsite, we partner as needed with local destination management companies and occasionally local meeting planners to ensure success. This means we select the best available partners to achieve stated needs within your organization's budget .  The result is strict attention to budget (delegate, sponsor and exhibitor income as well as expenses), high performance for your event and high attendee satisfaction.


Membership Administration and Recruitment

Global associations (or those that seek to be global) must be nimble in their ability to recruit and retain members.  Just as cultures change from one location to another, so do the value propositions for an individual or entity to be a member of an organization.  Our experience helps organizations sift through the clutter and develop appropriate messages and value for differing pools of prospective members. Its all about understanding organizational goals - and translating those goals - so that they can be communicated those invested in your organization and those that should be.