RELIABLE AND COMPETENT Administrative and Support Staff are the core of the services we provide

Members of the Hauck & Associates support staff possess the best organizational and administrative skills available in the Washington, D.C. market. Our standards are high, and our people exceed them. Individual staff members who perform administrative duties for our associations have backgrounds in association management firms, law firms, international organizations and hospitality.

Hauck & Associates will always designate one member of our staff as each association's Administrative Assistant.  Our philosophy is that each client and its membership should have a known individual always available to them. At the direction of the chief staff executive, this individual:

  • Handles routine communications with members, prospective members and the public

  • Coordinates the association's technology functions

  • Prepares and disseminates organization communications

  • Manages mailings (email or otherwise) and respective contact lists

  • Coordinates meeting requirements

  • Performs other administrative functions